Nol Karbon distinguishes itself in the carbon credit domain, specializing in forestry, energy, agriculture, waste, and IPPU sectors. Our operational focus spans the entire carbon credit business model, covering planning, execution, co-financing, sales, and the continual advancement of carbon credit technology, all geared towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Nol Karbon provides a solution for companies that own large tracts of land, have forest use rights, and have energy transition needs to meet their obligations to reduce emissions by engaging in carbon trading.

Environmental problems and climate change mitigation are increasingly complex. Join Nol Karbon in the journey towards a sustainable future. Take action today for a greener tomorrow.


Leading zero carbon projects with pro-environment research and green communication in Indonesia

Mount Salak, West Java


  • Achieving zero carbon emission targets faster through collective action in Indonesia
  • Building Indonesian carbon and green energy research innovations
  • Campaigning for carbon credits and green energy for Indonesia

Mangrove Forest, Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi